Monday, March 30, 2009

S.A. in the Hoooouse!

I spent the past week @ the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

I thoroughly enjoyed most of the D.J.s who got down at the parties I attended.

The honorable mention goes to the brother from South Africa!

He seriously threw down a set of Deep and Afro House joints that I wish I had all of!
Catch this brother if he's ever in your town!

Maybe Mario Romay will post his set on Groove Parlor?
Shouts out to DJ FLX!

'Turn Me On' had already gotten a lot of run at WMC, before I saw Black Coffee spin at Groove Parlor's event. It's a certified HIT and Colderthanarats@ss!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't Be A Slave To NO COMPUTER!

The third verse of this Beat Street anthem brings me to tears everytime I it.

Quincy 'Gula Matari' Jones has declared Melle Mel as having written one of the most relevent songs in modern history in 'The Message'. I agree! Sadly though, it's a shame hearing the weak excuses for rappers after Mel, who've fallen short of delivering powerful statements and marketed their hootenany as 'street reporting'.

Russell 'Blood Diamond' Simmons is one of the main proponents of this sad state of affairs. Maybe that's why his child support payments are so friggin' high!

Regardless, rappers aren't built like Melle Mel (no homo/pun intended) these days.

I know you knuckleheads thought NY Oil was the radest thing since Tofutti, but I kinda wanted a waaay better song to go with his 'Read A Book' and Drink Water message. I don't think anyone needs to be lynched or referred to as a N^&*(a to get your point across.

Take it from Melle Mel, he's Colderthanaratsass!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Need Some GetBack!

Everything is Right with L.os A.ngeles this time of year!


*it's NOT snowing here...

1.) Girl Scout Cookies are available now through March 29!

2.) The KPL Allstars Show / House party went off like a mugh! If you missed out, stayed tuned for performance footage recorded live from: Bleu Collar and J Davey! shouts to Diz Gibran and Pacific Division


3.) The Lifestyle Lounge @ Trader Vic's celebrating U-N-I's latest mixtape!
peep the end of the video with DJ KALEEM, putting the work into the Big Payback!

BCTV: BC 90210 ( A TALK WITH U-N-I) from Broccolicity TV on Vimeo.