Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Joe Jackson's on Tour?

Okay, so I go to Newark's Lincoln Park Music Festival yearly...
It's a homecoming trek that always delivers musically and culturally for me.
Mainly because I live on the opposite side of the country and don't get afforded many 'free events' worth mentioning that summon up names like: Joe Claussel, Marshall Jefferson, KRS ONE, Tame One, or Kenny Bobien.

Anyways, this year they added Rch Medina to the DJ lineup and I thought to myself; 'Does Newark even need to hear him?' No disrepect, but for what Rich does musically, it's better suited outside of the funkier, more soulful house oriented Newark.

Well, Rich was out to prove me wrong from jump. He started off with some classics and was cut short not once, but the emcees, but TWICE once Joe "Beat Em" Jackson showed up as a unlikely surprise visit to 'The Bricks'.

Apparently, Joe was at the Beyonce show the night before at the Meadowlands (Izod) Arena and must've found a cheaper room in Jersey for the night and before he got his black @ss outta dodge, he pulls over sighting a large gathering of a few thousand working class black folks at a music festival. Joe made some short remarks before bringing out his new artist "CRYSTAL". It was smart of her not to address the crowd whatsoever.

I'm not sure if Joe made it to the booth selling the *huff copies of M.J. and J5 DVDs and CDs, but I did!