Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Roscoesgate: Nat'l Security vs Chicken Run

At approximately 6pm, I was on route into Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles to meet up with a childhood friend for a meeting and to shoot the breeze at our normal 'traditional' 'Scoes meet n eat.

What I thought would be a short n sweet meeting, was immediately halted when "bojo" the Security Guard stopped me at the door and refused me entry into the restaurant.

Giving you a little background before I get into the story . . .
Not more than 1 hour before going to Roscoe's, I'd been on the phone speaking with my friend I was planning to meet up with. I was describing a daytime party in Hollywood that I was driving past. I let him know that I wouldn't be attending such an event because of the major lines outside and discriminant policies of the hosts and security goons.

My friend enlightened me by explaining his theory that black men have 'NO BUSINESS' at any club in any city unless they want to be subjected to a litany of profiling and hoop jumping for entry (ie. acceptance). I agreed and went on to describe how I personally haven't attended very many club events outside of the ones I DJ and/or joints with artists or DJs I'm interested in.

Fast forward back to me getting to Roscoe's and Bumpy 'Jankins', the security guard.
So I call my buddy to inform him that I'm on my way inside and instead of letting me pass into the establishment, the Doorman stops me and informs me that if I'm to meet my party, I would need to call them and have them come outside to GET ME!!!

I laughed at that notion and called my buddy inside to come and get me at the door. While on the phone, I explained to my friend that security was 'trippin'.

Hearing that, Ole Bojo went into 'hood mode and had some choice words for me and my friend.

Being masterful wordsmiths and educated black men, we aired his dumb ass out...

I let the goon know that we were only interested in the CHICKEN at that establishment; since he explained that his job was to protect the 'celebrity' clientle inside. I also informed him that by having such a ridiculous admission method at the door of a restaurant would only exacerbate negativity and provoke stupid events and an uncivil environment.

I went on with dude back and forth cracking jokes about how I 'read books'and 'eat vegetables' in my spare time; and if I want to meet up with a friend and treat myself to CHICKEN, I shouldn't be treated like a repeat offender on a food tier.

Security Officer Beaudreaux could only state that he was 'doing his job' at the end of my tongue lashing and I was satisfied. However, as I think about that particular location of Roscoe's and how the majority of the customers there are NON-african american, I begin to think about what having Security at the door of an African-American owned restaurant actually SAYS to "Kirsten and Jenna" when they go to 'Scoes partially as a joke and for sightseeing . . .

Bad Business is Colderthanarats@ss!


Marlena said...

LEEMYYYYY!!! this is a hilarious post! agreed. so agreed. too funny.

Dizam said...

Well did you actually get in???

Hannibal Tabu, The Operative said...

... yo' crazy ass went to Gower, didn't you? *facepalm*