Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Joe Jackson's on Tour?

Okay, so I go to Newark's Lincoln Park Music Festival yearly...
It's a homecoming trek that always delivers musically and culturally for me.
Mainly because I live on the opposite side of the country and don't get afforded many 'free events' worth mentioning that summon up names like: Joe Claussel, Marshall Jefferson, KRS ONE, Tame One, or Kenny Bobien.

Anyways, this year they added Rch Medina to the DJ lineup and I thought to myself; 'Does Newark even need to hear him?' No disrepect, but for what Rich does musically, it's better suited outside of the funkier, more soulful house oriented Newark.

Well, Rich was out to prove me wrong from jump. He started off with some classics and was cut short not once, but the emcees, but TWICE once Joe "Beat Em" Jackson showed up as a unlikely surprise visit to 'The Bricks'.

Apparently, Joe was at the Beyonce show the night before at the Meadowlands (Izod) Arena and must've found a cheaper room in Jersey for the night and before he got his black @ss outta dodge, he pulls over sighting a large gathering of a few thousand working class black folks at a music festival. Joe made some short remarks before bringing out his new artist "CRYSTAL". It was smart of her not to address the crowd whatsoever.

I'm not sure if Joe made it to the booth selling the *huff copies of M.J. and J5 DVDs and CDs, but I did!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Roscoesgate: Nat'l Security vs Chicken Run

At approximately 6pm, I was on route into Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles to meet up with a childhood friend for a meeting and to shoot the breeze at our normal 'traditional' 'Scoes meet n eat.

What I thought would be a short n sweet meeting, was immediately halted when "bojo" the Security Guard stopped me at the door and refused me entry into the restaurant.

Giving you a little background before I get into the story . . .
Not more than 1 hour before going to Roscoe's, I'd been on the phone speaking with my friend I was planning to meet up with. I was describing a daytime party in Hollywood that I was driving past. I let him know that I wouldn't be attending such an event because of the major lines outside and discriminant policies of the hosts and security goons.

My friend enlightened me by explaining his theory that black men have 'NO BUSINESS' at any club in any city unless they want to be subjected to a litany of profiling and hoop jumping for entry (ie. acceptance). I agreed and went on to describe how I personally haven't attended very many club events outside of the ones I DJ and/or joints with artists or DJs I'm interested in.

Fast forward back to me getting to Roscoe's and Bumpy 'Jankins', the security guard.
So I call my buddy to inform him that I'm on my way inside and instead of letting me pass into the establishment, the Doorman stops me and informs me that if I'm to meet my party, I would need to call them and have them come outside to GET ME!!!

I laughed at that notion and called my buddy inside to come and get me at the door. While on the phone, I explained to my friend that security was 'trippin'.

Hearing that, Ole Bojo went into 'hood mode and had some choice words for me and my friend.

Being masterful wordsmiths and educated black men, we aired his dumb ass out...

I let the goon know that we were only interested in the CHICKEN at that establishment; since he explained that his job was to protect the 'celebrity' clientle inside. I also informed him that by having such a ridiculous admission method at the door of a restaurant would only exacerbate negativity and provoke stupid events and an uncivil environment.

I went on with dude back and forth cracking jokes about how I 'read books'and 'eat vegetables' in my spare time; and if I want to meet up with a friend and treat myself to CHICKEN, I shouldn't be treated like a repeat offender on a food tier.

Security Officer Beaudreaux could only state that he was 'doing his job' at the end of my tongue lashing and I was satisfied. However, as I think about that particular location of Roscoe's and how the majority of the customers there are NON-african american, I begin to think about what having Security at the door of an African-American owned restaurant actually SAYS to "Kirsten and Jenna" when they go to 'Scoes partially as a joke and for sightseeing . . .

Bad Business is Colderthanarats@ss!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Denny's Gone WILD

Just a sad display of nightlife for young folks in L.A.
I found some humor in it all though . . .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Solo's Got Soul!

I met Souléymane Sy Savané in Beverly Hills about a year ago.
Now look at him! "A Force of Nature!"

I really liked this film. It's dark in context, yet shows how far the human spirit can take you in celluloid story telling.

GOODBYE SOLO: Movie Trailer - The best free videos are right here

"Goodbye Solo" is one of those joints that any and everyone can relate to.
From urbanite white women who've ever wondered about those 'africans' she bought her bootleg Coach bag from; to artsy fartsy 'students' who ponder the meaning of life endlessly through chain-smoking and uninspired painting.

We're dealing with a film that's Colderthanarats@ss here, I hope you cats dig it more than 'Slumdog . . .


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Omar's Music is Best By Far; So SING!

On Tuesday, April 7th, Omar will perform live at The Conga Room. KCRW’s Garth Trinidad as host and DJ + DJ KALEEM closing out the night!

I put this one-off mix together in anticipation . . .

Monday, March 30, 2009

S.A. in the Hoooouse!

I spent the past week @ the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

I thoroughly enjoyed most of the D.J.s who got down at the parties I attended.

The honorable mention goes to the brother from South Africa!

He seriously threw down a set of Deep and Afro House joints that I wish I had all of!
Catch this brother if he's ever in your town!

Maybe Mario Romay will post his set on Groove Parlor?
Shouts out to DJ FLX!

'Turn Me On' had already gotten a lot of run at WMC, before I saw Black Coffee spin at Groove Parlor's event. It's a certified HIT and Colderthanarats@ss!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't Be A Slave To NO COMPUTER!

The third verse of this Beat Street anthem brings me to tears everytime I it.

Quincy 'Gula Matari' Jones has declared Melle Mel as having written one of the most relevent songs in modern history in 'The Message'. I agree! Sadly though, it's a shame hearing the weak excuses for rappers after Mel, who've fallen short of delivering powerful statements and marketed their hootenany as 'street reporting'.

Russell 'Blood Diamond' Simmons is one of the main proponents of this sad state of affairs. Maybe that's why his child support payments are so friggin' high!

Regardless, rappers aren't built like Melle Mel (no homo/pun intended) these days.

I know you knuckleheads thought NY Oil was the radest thing since Tofutti, but I kinda wanted a waaay better song to go with his 'Read A Book' and Drink Water message. I don't think anyone needs to be lynched or referred to as a N^&*(a to get your point across.

Take it from Melle Mel, he's Colderthanaratsass!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Need Some GetBack!

Everything is Right with L.os A.ngeles this time of year!


*it's NOT snowing here...

1.) Girl Scout Cookies are available now through March 29!

2.) The KPL Allstars Show / House party went off like a mugh! If you missed out, stayed tuned for performance footage recorded live from: Bleu Collar and J Davey! shouts to Diz Gibran and Pacific Division


3.) The Lifestyle Lounge @ Trader Vic's celebrating U-N-I's latest mixtape!
peep the end of the video with DJ KALEEM, putting the work into the Big Payback!

BCTV: BC 90210 ( A TALK WITH U-N-I) from Broccolicity TV on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 26, 2009



Now! (in a Cosby manner . . .)

I humbly submit this 2nd offering of various songs in mixed format from Peven Everett's many albums.

This go round, I used the more 'soul' and 'jazz' inspired tunes in the blend. A few of these are lesser known like "Picallo" & "Bank Vault" which my homegirl slide me off of a 'Swing Dirty Dirty" 3 song EP.

Hats off to Peven Everett for being gifted and prolific in sharing his ideas and music with the world! That's Colderthanarat@ss!
- Kaleem


1.) Peven Everett - To Care Too Much - Swing Dirty Dirty
2.) Peven Everett -Love This Way - Latest Craze
3.) Peven Everett - Ah-Ha - Upper Esh
4.) Peven Everett - Say You WIll - Water Color Dream
5.) Peven Everett - If You Let Me I'll Show You Why - My Life My Struggle
6.) Peven Everett - Brothers and Sisters - Dear Europe
7.) Peven Everett - You Aint Bout Nothin - Latest Craze
8.) Peven Everett - Go Ooh - Peven
9.) Peven Everett - Heart Strings - Power of One
10.) Peven Everett - We Got Carried Away - Reflections of Misconception
11.) Peven Everett - Ready To Ride - Stories from the Underground
12.) Peven Everett - I'm Missing You - Reflections of Misconception
13.) Peven Everett - Bank Vault - Swing Dirty Dirty EP
14.) Peven Everett - Catch Me On the Way Up - Upper Esh
15.) Peven Everett - Love Don't Cost a Thing - Reflections of Misconception Reworks
16.) Peven Everett - This Just In - Power Soul
17.) Peven Everett - I Promise - Sincerely Yours. . .
18.) Peven Everett - We Got Each Other - Stories from the Underground
19.) Peven Everett - Spirit Window - Psychedelic Digital EP
20.) Peven Everett - Blue Carmel - Swing Dirty Dirty
21.) Peven Everett - Bing Bong - Stories from the Underground
22.) Peven Everett - Vegas - Peven
23.) Peven Everett - We Gotcha Goin' - Upper Esh
24.) Peven Everett - Do You Love Me - Latest Craze
25.) Peven Everett - Do You Love Me - Thank You James Brown
26.) Peven Everett - Get What You Got - Latest Craze / Unreleased
27.) Peven Everett - Picallo - Untitled - Unreleased
28.) Peven Everett - Soul Music - Dear Europe
29.) Peven Everett - See You Tonight - Easy Livin'
30.) Peven Everett - Don't Go - Latest Craze
31.) Peven Everett - Washing - Power Soul

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm feeling Lucky this Go Round

I try and attend the annual Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles with consistency.
Over the past several years though, I've been slacking on my mackin'.
This is mainly due to the increase in the cover price for each screening.

I was fortunate enough to make it to 2 screenings this year and I caught hold of a new gem in film. Now normally before the festival, I kind of: read thru the film descriptions, pick an interesting flick and hope for the best with mixed results . . .

I changed my mind from seeing a domestic feature at the last minute and followed the line into, JERUSALEMA


In certain terms, it's an up to date New Jack City. While in more proper ways, the film is an eye and mind opening tool for everyone who wants to know anything about post-Apartheid South Africa.

Make an effort to check it out when it's in your area! It's Colderthanarat@ss!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time To Come Clean With Them Tight @ss Jeans!

There's been enough lip service and internet 'thuggin' around supposed 'homo' artists and styles these days.

Now there's a short film which addresses it and it looks interesting.

I Love dialogue about these type of issues if it's constructive.


The Youth Speak on it!

C/L++ + from preAMP+ on Vimeo.

A little added comedy and randomity for discussion . . .

Julio might be Nuts But Barack has BALLS!

G-d Bless Julio, he was so excited and a bit 'off the hook' at this town hall meeting.

You gotta love his bootleg Dr. King/Obama shirt though. I always though those joints were hood 'official'.

Here, The President shows exactly why he's effective.
This is the first time I can think of hearing a televised political speech that hasn't sounded somewhat scripted or just phony in general.

The way he ends his speech is classic and I'm proud of Barack regardless of what cornball "KRS1diot" can conspire to say.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Black Excellence is Dynamite

I want to congratulate my brothers; Suckapunch and AJ of DP Sound along with Michael Jai White for the successful Sundance negotiation and sale of their film Black Dynamite.

I just watched this interview which confirmed one of my greatest curiosities about how people will react and respond to this movie.

Here, David Poland, the interviewer and presumably a 'white guy' makes comments during his interview referencing 'bitches' and 'malt liquor' as if that's the essence of the blaxploitation ethos represented in the piece.

I'm just hoping this doesn't turn out to be another example of certain folks laughing at the wrong parts of the film and missing the significance of others.

For the rest of my people, enjoy. The Action is Awesome and the film is Colderthanaratsass!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

" . . . yeah KANE!!!"

One of the BEST to ever do it, revolutionize it, wear purple and Madonna it!!!

I saw it last night and got to meet KANE briefly.

Shout out to Dan Ubick of Connie Price and the Keystones who are rocking with KANE all over the planet.

I would think Kool G Rap is next up for recognition?!