Thursday, February 5, 2009

Black Excellence is Dynamite

I want to congratulate my brothers; Suckapunch and AJ of DP Sound along with Michael Jai White for the successful Sundance negotiation and sale of their film Black Dynamite.

I just watched this interview which confirmed one of my greatest curiosities about how people will react and respond to this movie.

Here, David Poland, the interviewer and presumably a 'white guy' makes comments during his interview referencing 'bitches' and 'malt liquor' as if that's the essence of the blaxploitation ethos represented in the piece.

I'm just hoping this doesn't turn out to be another example of certain folks laughing at the wrong parts of the film and missing the significance of others.

For the rest of my people, enjoy. The Action is Awesome and the film is Colderthanaratsass!

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