Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm feeling Lucky this Go Round

I try and attend the annual Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles with consistency.
Over the past several years though, I've been slacking on my mackin'.
This is mainly due to the increase in the cover price for each screening.

I was fortunate enough to make it to 2 screenings this year and I caught hold of a new gem in film. Now normally before the festival, I kind of: read thru the film descriptions, pick an interesting flick and hope for the best with mixed results . . .

I changed my mind from seeing a domestic feature at the last minute and followed the line into, JERUSALEMA


In certain terms, it's an up to date New Jack City. While in more proper ways, the film is an eye and mind opening tool for everyone who wants to know anything about post-Apartheid South Africa.

Make an effort to check it out when it's in your area! It's Colderthanarat@ss!

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